Insurance, Licensing and Membership

All individuals who train in a B.S.K.A. club must have basic insurance cover, which is included within the B.S.K.A. License. Application forms can be obtained from your club instructor.

In order to take B.S.K.A. grading examinations you must apply for full membership, this also entitles a B.S.K.A. student to train at any B.S.K.A. registered club. The first full membership fee also includes a grading record passport. This passport must be presented at all grading examinations being taken. It must not be written in by anyone other than an authorised B.S.K.A. Official.


Prior to taking your first grading examination you will be required to get a Karate suit (Gi). You are also advised to buy protective hand mitts, shin pads and a groin protector. Do seek your instructor's advice before making any purchases.

Conduct While in BSKA Clubs

Most clubs and societies have rules of conduct and B.S.K.A. is no exception. For a Karate group such rules are particularly important because of the potential danger involved in the practice of Karate techniques. These rules apply from the time you enter the dojo and are usually referred to as dojo etiquette.

Such etiquette requires:

1. That you never cavort around the dojo and never spar, free fight or practice any dangerous techniques unless supervised by the club instructor, or one of his delegates

2. A standing bow on entering and leaving the dojo

3. A standing bow and a verbal acknowledgement (ouss) to any black belt when addressed by them

4. All finger and toe nails to be kept short, rounded and clean

5. Two kneeling bows, first to the teacher (sensei ni rei) and second to fellow students (otaga ni rei) at the beginning and end of training sessions

6. Permission to be asked of the teacher if you wish to be excused from the dojo

7. No chewing, spitting, swearing, eating, smoking, drinking, reckless or irresponsible behaviour in the dojo

8. Karate uniform (gi) to be clean and presentable at the start of a training session

9. Punctuality and if you are ever late you must kneel and wait for the instructor to bow you in

10. No talking unless absolutely essential

11. No jewellery whatsoever to be worn

12. All black belts to be addressed as “Sensei “ and brown belts to be addressed as “Sempai